Launch and fix products faster

Find and resolve product introduction issues and get to market faster with higher yields. Boost understanding and collaboration across distributed teams with intuitive software-driven solutions leveraging 3D data.


Making physical products is difficult, expensive, and generates waste equal to 10% of global GDP. We’re dedicated to eliminating the $3T of annual waste in the manufacturing industry. By bridging the divide between physical objects and their digital twins, Riven helps our customers accelerate product introduction, increase yields, and grow faster and sustainably.


Product Engineers | Manufacturing Engineers

Understand manufacturing problems quickly and solve them efficiently with your internal and extended teams. Confidently meet aggressive schedules with better products and higher yields.

how riven works


Create high-accuracy 3D data In as little as 30 seconds.


Automatic go/no-go checking and compare-to-CAD with full data logging and report generation.


Instantly share real-world 3D data, annotations and reports across your supply chain.