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Riven bridges the divide between physical objects and their digital twins, providing an accessible yet powerful platform for product manufacturing and engineering. We believe that improving the way you communicate and collaborate on product is essential to the future of your business.

Quickly and accurately measure and analyze complex surfaces from real objects
Scan real parts into highly accurate digital twins for CAD and QC




Riven transforms manufacturing quality control with a fully digital toolset including a mass-deployable, high-accuracy 3D scanner, automatic measurement software and cloud platform for instant sharing of data across the supply chain. We make measuring complex geometry simple so you can ship better parts with higher yield rates.

how riven works

powerful tools | simplified experience | excellent results

Scan Object

In as little as 30 seconds you can have a highly accurate 3D object to measure or to model with just the press of a button.

Measure & Modify

Automatic recognition of features like planes, spheres, and other geometry makes measuring complex surfaces a snap.

Export & Build

Export to CAD delivers a solid model with real geometric surfaces that you can mate right into your assembly.

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Why Riven

The future is complex, we simplify it

With impressive developments in generative design and additive manufacturing the world of geometric possibility is expanding at a rapid rate. With this rapid expansion comes a corresponding increase in the complexity of measurement required to ensure the quality of these brilliant new designs. Riven’s accessible yet powerful tools exist to help you meet this challenge head on.